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Add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the soil. If it fizzes, you have alkaline soil, with a pH between 7 and 8. If it doesn't fizz after doing the vinegar test, then add distilled water to the other container until 2 teaspoons of soil are muddy. Add 1/2 cup baking soda.

Soil pH indicates the acidity of your soil. A healthy, productive farm is created from the ground up. The soil pH is an important number to know because it determines the availability of almost all essential plant nutrients.  If the soil pH is not on track, plants will not have access to nutrients necessary for growth and, therefore, won’t perform at their best. Nutrients can get trapped in the soil and will not be released for plant use.

A healthy, productive farm is created from the ground up. The fertility, structure and biological activity of your soil are the keys to raising successful crops. Great soil grows great plants with increased vigor and pest tolerance, not to mention humongous (jack in the bean stock) results. There’s a lot to know about your soil for sure, but the most critical measurement is its pH.

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